Target practice


Personally, I think both the setting of targets during this epidemic, and debates about whether targets are genuinely met or have been fudged, are unhelpful distractions from the real issue of tackling the crisis. But just for the record, since Statistics is being dragged into this argument…


Mr Gove said 76,496 daily tests had been undertaken in the 24 hours up to 9am on May 3. This compares to the 122,347 tests carried out in the 24 hours to 9am on May 1 — the relevant period for when Matt Hancock, the health secretary, had set a deadline of undertaking 100,000.

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Update: again, just for the record… This is the UK government’s own graph on tests as of 5th May:

So, even disregarding arguments about what actually constitutes a test, current levels are significantly below the 100,000 tests per day target whichever definition is used.

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