Risky talk

In a previous post I referenced a book by the eminent statistician David Spiegelhalter. Since earlier this year, Davis has also been producing a podcast ‘Risky Talk‘ on the relevance of Statistics for various issues of public interest. The latest of these is titled ‘Coronavirus: Understanding the Numbers’ and is full of useful information and discussion. It includes, among other things, a discussion of:

  1. Which data are most reliable for understanding the epidemic;
  2. How the different approaches to the epidemic adopted in Norway and Sweden provide a live experiment for assessing the impact of social controls;
  3. A comparison of the seriousness of COVID-19 relative to other flu-like illnesses in the UK;
  4. A discussion of the personal risk we all carry of dying from COVID-19 and other causes.

It’s a great listen and there’s probably nobody qualified to be explaining these issues

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