So sad about the leopards

At the recent offsite, suggested I do a post on the statistics of climate change. I will do that properly at some point, but there’s such an enormous amount of material to choose from, that I don’t really know where to start or how best to turn it into the “snappy and informative, but fun and light-hearted” type of post that you’ve come to expect from Smartodds loves Statistics.

So, in the meantime, I’ll just drop the following cartoon, made by First Dog on the Moon, who has a regular series in the Guardian. It’s not exactly about climate science, but similar in that it points at humanity’s failures to face up to and confront the effects we are having on our planet, despite the overwhelming statistical and scientific evidence of both the effect and its consequences. It specifically refers to the recent WWF report which confirms, amongst other things, that humanity has wiped out 60% of the world’s animal population since 1970.

Responding to the report, the Guardian quotes Prof Johan Rockström, a global sustainability expert at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, as follows:

We are rapidly running out of time. Only by addressing both ecosystems and climate do we stand a chance of safeguarding a stable planet for humanity’s future on Earth.

Remember, kids: “Listen to the scientists and not the Nazis”.

2 thoughts on “So sad about the leopards

  1. Your last line reminded me of my other favourite subject: rocket science. Which is of course, full of the brainiest people, surpassing the quantum mechanics (are the people that study it called mechanics?), brain surgeons and statisticians. My other post on your blog today is proof of how rocket scientists are best. They do also, of course, have the Nazis to thank for a lot of the key technological developments they rely on today! (So only listen to the Nazis if they’re right). 🙂

    1. Ah, that’s ‘old-school’ Nazis you’re referring to. Indeed, neither the Volkswagen beetle, nor the Italian train system would have reached their dizzy heights of success without fascist/nazi government support. Modern-day Nazis seem more focused on the white supremacy aspects of their ideology, however, and I think we can safely not listen to them without fear of missing anything useful.

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